Container Homes and Modifications

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Our initial inspirations for container modifications sprung from the increasing cost of living, as well as the rising cost of conventional housing in the real estate markets. The appeal of sustainable living is undeniable. When our wages and family income do not reflect the inflation of the cost of living, how are we to find sustainability? At loft in the woods we want you to live and play in style without breaking the bank. Whether its that workshop you have always wanted or that unique custom cottage. We will make your dreams a reality!

Benefits of container modifying

Easy to Move

Easy to Modify





Think of the possibilities

Workshops, cottages. Backyard bars & entertainment. Man caves. Livestock housing. Cabins. Mobile kitchens. Whatever your imagination can come up with we will help make it a reality!

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Mar 22 2017

We love old wood and we know you do as well. The character, the texture, and the warmth all contribute to the desirability of discovering 100+ year old material. Most of the fun comes in the hunt or the chase to find that perfect mantel or accent beam that will fit perfectly in your space. […]

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